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Connecting Home to Life

The 21st century heralds the explosion of the Internet of Things, where a home’s lights, music, TVs, thermostats, security systems, cameras, front door locks, and irrigation systems are all connected to each other and controlled by smart mobile devices inside and outside the home.  Since cyberManor’s founding in 1999 we have provided digital home technology solutions for over 500 homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. At cyberManor – we connect homes to life for our clients every day!

Leading Innovation

We identify innovative new technologies in the home, and connect them into solutions for our clients. cyberManor was one of the first Sonos and Kaleidescape dealers in the country because we recognized it as the next wave of home entertainment.

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Our Design Philosophy

cyberManor’s home technology integration philosophy follows a “best in breed” integration strategy. Our company has focused on vendor partners that have demonstrated that they are market leaders in the systems they design and manufacture.

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