At the Forefront of New Ideas

Leading Innovation

At cyberManor we place a high priority on constantly evaluating innovative, well engineered and designed products for the smart, connected home. We were one of the first custom electronic integrators in the country to sell and support the Control4 suite of home control products, the Sonos whole house audio system, and today a new long lasting battery from a German company called Sonnen that provides intelligent whole house solar PV battery storage and electrical backup capabilities. Recently we wrote a Case Study Paper on our experience with the sonnen ecoLinx battery at our Control4 Certified Showroom.

Gordon van Zuiden, the company’s President has been writing magazine columns on the latest network based home technology solutions for almost 20 years. Our clients expect us to know the home technologies that will work best for them today and tomorrow. We plan and wire our client’s home not only for the wiring infrastructure they will need today but for the connected home products we envision will be relevant to the family’s needs in the future.

One of the reasons we built our new Control4 Certified Showroom because we wanted to show all of our existing and prospective clients how recent innovations in distributed and streaming TV, lighting and motorized window treatment control, intelligent gate and door locks, sprinkler systems, and even pianos can enhance the entertainment, comfort, and security of their homes.

Additional examples of cyberManor’s innovative solution offerings include:

  • The T26 Door and Gate Station from Mobotix is an intelligent front door camera, doorbell chime, and intercom all in one attractive housing that can be installed to replace your current front door bell and/or gate access system. Now when your guests arrive at your front door or gate and depress the bell button on the T26 door station it will ring your iPhone or iPad wherever you happen to be – inside or outside of your home. From your mobile device you can see your guest, talk to them, and even let them in the gate or your front door – all from your iPhone or iPad. To see a live demonstration of Mobotix T26 Front Door Station that we use at cyberManor, please click here. We have integrated dozens of these remarkable door and gate stations from Germany for our clients and we would be happy to show you how well it works at our showcase Smart Home Experience Center.
  • An incredible Steinway Spirio Piano system from Steinway and Sons that plays piano audio and video concert recordings from an iPad or iPhone to a player piano, whole house audio system and TV monitor. To see and hear this piano please visit Steinway and Sons. For more information on this remarkable Player Piano System please read our column entitled Bring Concerts and Opera Home.
  • The new button based iPad sleeve from Dana Point Innovations wraps around an iPad so that you can control your home theater TV experience using either the rich, graphical interface of the iPad or the physical push buttons you are now used to on a TV remote control – all on the same device! You can read more about this groundbreaking product in our blog entitled: The Best of Both Worlds – an iPad with Buttons.
  • Shown below are photos of the Mobotix T26 Front Door and Gate Station, the Steinway Spirio Player piano that plays music and video streamed from an Apple smart phone or tablet and the new Dana Innovations button based iPad Mini cradle – all solutions available today from cyberManor.