Smart Home Magazine – Inaugural Issue

We are very excited to launch our SMART HOME MAGAZINE. The goal of this magazine is to help our clients and builder partners better understand the connected home technologies that are available to enrich the way you live, work and play in your home using existing smart phones, tablets, smart watches or TVs.

The solutions and columns in this magazine are based on cyberManor’s experience with these app based solutions for the hundreds of clients that we have served for over the last twenty years. Our featured column showcases what we believe are the best of breed whole house audio, TV and movies, comfort and well being, security and access control solutions for the home. These are not total home control systems that require extensive and ongoing customized programming. They are systems and solutions that have a proven history of reliability, ease of use, and innovation to provide exceptional whole house audio, TV, lighting control, and security experiences. We also review the importance of planning and construction documentation for home technology solutions. At our new cyberManor Home Technology Center we will be reviewing the best of these new technologies and upgrading our own showroom home to give existing and potential clients the opportunity to experience these new entertainment, comfort, and security solutions.

It’s a very exciting time to be involved in home technology. We hope this issue of our SMART HOME MAGAZINE gives you some great new ideas on how to use these innovative app based products and solutions to enhance your new or existing home.


Almost a century ago General Electric sent a magazine called the The HOME of a HUNDRED COMFORTS (as shown below) to homeowners in the 1920’s to describe the benefits of a well planned, whole house electrical wiring infrastructure for the early 20th century smart, modern home.

Today we discuss the benefits of a properly planned low voltage wiring infrastructure, one that allows networked devices to connect to a high speed network backbone and the internet cloud. Once again history repeats itself – but now whole house low voltage structured wiring is critically important in today’s smart, modern home. cyberManor’s one room schoolhouse (which in the 1920’s displayed the best of high voltage electronic solutions) is now a live showroom for the modern conveniences provided by networked low voltage products and solutions – we call it our 21st century HOME of a HUNDRED NETWORKED COMFORTS!