New Home Technology Center Portal

July 1, 2022 – Los Gatos, CA. Today, cyberManor unveiled their New Home Technology Center Portal for their builder partners and potential clients. This comprehensive portal gives visitors to the new smart home experience center a detailed overview of the home’s integrated, smart home technologies. Additionally, the new portal provides a single site to review and gain specific information on:

  • All of the smart home’s marketing brochures, literature, videos, and case studies
  • Press coverage, awards, and magazine columns
  • AirB&B Experience
  • Home controls and user experiences
  • Future technology implementations
  • cyberManor’s vendor partners

Gordon van Zuiden, founder of cyberManor, explained the reason for this new portal, “There is only so much information on a one hour smart home tour that we can give our builders and potential clients. We wanted to make sure that guests to the smart home could follow up with a deeper dive into any or all of the smart home technologies of interest to them. This new portal gives them these details on a room by room basis, accessible from their desktop or mobile devices, at anytime before or after their tour. The site gives our guests an in depth understanding of the home’s integrated technologies that will help them select and specify the smart home solutions they are interested for their own homes.”

Why We Built the Smart Home Experience Center

cyberManor wanted to build a showroom home – not just a showroom. We built our experience center home where we could showcase all the technology solutions that we provide our clients and builder partners. Potential customers want to see and experience the latest technology solutions for their front door/gate, kitchen, living room, media room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the outdoors. Building a showroom home allowed us to best showcase all of these integrated solutions in one location. We also wanted to demonstrate how all of these technologies can easily be controlled by one total home control system (Control4), touchscreens, keypads, mobile apps, and voice.

Additionally, we wanted to use this new home as an educational facility for our residential builder trade partners. The installation of solar panels, batteries, and home control systems require that we work closely with solar contractors. Intelligent showering system installations require that we work closely with plumbers (see photo below). Sophisticated, tunable lighting systems and shades require that we work closely with electricians and lighting designers. This home allows us to to clearly show our partner trades how these solutions are installed and how we can best work together to provide a complete home technology solution for our clients.

We also use the smart home an R&D Center to vet and test new technologies for our clients. It even serves a housing from time to time for staff and key vendors that come to stay at cyberManor. Last but not least, an overarching objective was to make the home look as beautiful as the homes of our clients – and to make the technology implementation appear to be seamless and aesthetic. To accomplish that objective we hired a professional architect and increased our home improvement budget to include top of the line cabinetry, quartz countertops, hardwood ceilings and floors, and high end tiling for the floors and walls in the master bathroom. Gary Kohlsaat’s award winning architectural team designed the home and Celia Boutell, a local professional interior designer, created it’s beautiful interior.