Our Design Philosophy

Best of Breed Systems

cyberManor’s home technology integration philosophy follows a BEST OF BREED integration strategy. Our company focuses on vendor partners that have demonstrated that they are market leaders in the systems they design and manufacture. Our criteria for our vendor partners is very strict and selective, they must possess the following attributes:

  • Extremely high product reliability
  • Extensive R&D efforts to maintain a market leadership position
  • Competent, reliable, and responsive technical support team
  • An ongoing commitment to improve and enhance graphical applications that run on all Apple and Android mobile platforms
  • The company’s product platform has become an ecosystem for third party products that enhance their product line
  • A unique offering of entertainment or home control from an iOS, WatchOS, tvOS or Android OS product
We have found that when we deploy home technology solutions from these best of breed companies these systems are reliable and easy to use for our clients as apps from their mobile devices. Perhaps most importantly, the updated programming is provided as an automated update directly from the manufacturers, eliminating the need for customized upgrades from a custom electronics integrator. Custom home technology integration no longer requires expensive long term programming to maintain and update electronic systems. This is a win for our clients and a win for us. Client satisfaction is very high as a result of our integration of reliable and self-upgrading and healing systems. We do not engage in complex control programming projects that are prone to break down against the wave of rapidly changing technology advances in the home.

This fundamental shift in the intelligence and software upgradability of home electronics have set the stage for a consumer expectation that electronic products purchased today should actually improve over time. This new model fosters product loyalty and good will from the homeowner to the manufacturer of the product and the professional integrator that recommends and installs these products. Instead of frustration and disappointment over the decline of a product’s value and functionality over time the reverse is now true – delight that the electronic product purchased yesterday is more useful today at no additional charge and without the need for an upgrade service call.

cyberManor looks for Best of Breed subsystems that fulfill each of the electronic system needs shown in the diagram below. We have found that all of our clients homes have networking requirements and most require the services of the inner circle of subsystems. Over time these home technology needs extend into those platforms shown in the outer circle. For a detailed presentation on our Best of Breed integration strategy, please view our presentation SMART HOME: A MULTI-APPLICATION APPROACH. For a thorough overview of Best of Breed app based technology solutions for the entertainment, comfort, and security of your home please visit the cyberManor “BEST OF BREED” blog link shown at the bottom of this page.