What Our Clients Say

I wanted to send the cyberManor team a short note of my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work they did in providing all of my new home’s audio, video, lighting, data, phone and security needs. From the initial design meeting, through installation and component integration, to training and documentation – your team excelled in every phase of this project.

You made the complex simple – I now have full control of my whole house audio, each of my TVs, my lighting and security system, even my thermostats from my Apple mobile touch screen devices in my home. Using Lutron lighting control, Sonos audio systems, NEST thermostats, and Roomie Remote Control software I now have an Apple “App” for all of my home’s entertainment, comfort, and security systems without the need of a complex total home control solution.

The fact that I am able to write this letter only a week after I moved into my home is testament to the quality of your work and the reliability and ease of use of these systems. In my previous home this level of audio video and lighting complexity required that I live with a total home control systems programmer for several months after I moved in – and still everything was not programmed perfectly.

In sum, you delivered on each of your promises at the beginning of our home technology discussions, on budget, and I am thrilled with the overall results.

John M. Sobrato
valued client since 2012

Years ago I knew a guy who started a computer geeking business. I had 5 bedrooms, 5 kids, 6 computers, and no storage. I called this guy because I didn’t have a network in my house! He had a very big vision, but stopped over to see my small little project, and explained about “whole house” stuff. We had a connection because he was at one time in the semiconductor business, and I realized that he was beginning to retire and had some “sideline” job to carry him into retirement. At the time he had a couple of high school kids who came over and showed me how to use my own computer. 15 years later, I realize his vision. So impressive. So visionary. More than networking, more than storage – a SMARTHOUSE!! AND THEY STILL SERVICED US! Jim pulled cable throughout the house and voila I actually have a garage I can train in with full audio and video, I have an office and a family room that can view separate programming. I have a portable speaker to carry SONOS music throughout our yard…and life was nearly perfect, because I had controllers, or phone, or PC throughout the house! AMAZING! And so we decided to build a house. AND THIS TIME, we are not asking Cybermanor to sweep up after the elephants in the parade – cyberManor will lead the parade and provide us a harness AS WE BUILD the house.

David Kraemer
valued client since 1999

I was talking to my friend, Gordon, with cyberManor today. He mentioned your project and that he was hopeful he would be able to work for you. I asked for your e-mail address because I wanted to be able to tell you how we feel about cyberManor.

We did a $1.7 million dollar remodel on our home in Los Gatos. We wanted the best so we allowed cyberManor to take over and do their thing. Their people are outstanding and did everything we could have possibly wanted. After we moved back in, there were a few niches to work out and they would come the same day I would call with a concern. It was usually something I was doing wrong and they would take time to train me on how to work things correctly. I even have a three-ring binder that tells me everything I could possibly need to know.

The thing I love most about what cyberManor did for us is our Sonos system. We had never heard of it. People will say, “Did you put in a nice Bose system?” We laugh because our Sonos is way, way, way better than Bose! This is a system I can’t really explain right now but we were able to download all our CDs onto it. Now we have a hand-held device (like a big iPod) that we can select and play our music from. We can look up our music by Artist, Album, etc. We’ll sit in our back yard and go through all our music without getting up.

The continuing service from cyberManor is impressive. We paid our fee right when their installation was complete but they have been back to our house many times since then and there have been no additional fees invoiced. Just this past Friday I couldn’t get something to work so I called their office and one of their people walked me through a simple “reset” for the system and it was up running again. I feel like they have a personal touch you would never get from a big chain operation.

Paula Ball
valued client since 2008

cyberManor’s innovative home networks add enduring value to the custom homes we build. Their team partners with both the builder and homeowner to create homes that epitomize advanced construction,style and technology.”

Mark de Mattei
Valued Builder Partner Since 2001