Digital White Paper Reviews

Click here to download a copy of the Digital Platform Strategies for the Connected Home White Paper.

“This paper is 100% consistent with the direction that Century Development is going in our homes. For the reasons you have outlined in your white paper we have resolved to adopt a multi-application iOS-based approach to home control using many of the same apps you have identified (specifically: Lockitron, NEST, Sonos, Lutron, Liftmaster). In addition to the reasons you mentioned in your paper, we like the idea that behind each app is a company constantly innovating and improving the app, and running the web services necessary to connect those apps with real time services.”

David Cowen
Partner at Bessemer Ventures and Co-Founder of Verisign

“I concur with Gordon’s conclusion that it will be a multi-app world on general purpose handhelds for the future of home control. Now that the platform is in place we will be seeing a steady stream of new and improved apps to cover every function of home control. In only a year great apps have already been developed that cover every function of whole home control in a best in class way.”

Tom Cullen
Sonos Co-Founder

“There are great insights in this white paper. It’s the closest thing out there to the “reference” standard for today’s connected home.”

Mike Simmons
Inventor of the Viper SmartStart

“Apps are a great way to control entertainment throughout your home. Gordon’s paper does a great job of unveiling a whole new world of options for personalization and integration of devices, services and technologies.”

Bard Williams
Ed.D. TiVo Inc. Director, Retail & Channel Marketing