The Team

Gordon van Zuiden

Founder, cyberManor, Inc.
Gordon van Zuiden, Founder of cyberManor, Inc. in 1999. His thought provoking white paper on “Total Home Control: A Multi-Application Approach” was the most popular white paper on TiVo’s website from 2012-2015. Gordon van Zuiden served for 6 years on the CEDIA board, a national association dedicated to serving the needs of custom electronics installers around the world. Gordon can be reached by email at

Jim Kohl

Director of Operations
Jim Kohl joined cyberManor in 2003 and is the lead project manager on all of cyberManor's largest custom integration projects. He was the lead project manager on our Microsoft Ultimate Installation project and our award winning LEED Platinum home project. He also led a 20 unit townhome project built by Barry Swenson for the Mountain View Co-Housing Community. Jim can be reached at

Ed Lalosh

Senior Installer
Ed joined cyberManor in 2009. He has earned a B General Building Contractors license. Ed's overall general contracting expertise is a great fit for all the trades that we encounter on a new home construction site. His framing expertise allows us to complete customized on-site AV installation work such as ceiling or floor based TV lifts. Ed can be reached at