About cyberManor, Inc.


We partner with you and your design-build team to custom design home technology solutions that enhance the way you live, work and play in your home.

Senior Staff Photo
Since 1999 we’ve created home technology solutions for more than 500 of the finest homes in the Bay Area, including four Sunset Idea Houses, the LEED Platinum Home of the Year and HP’s Digital Showcase Home.

The cyberManor team is led by company president Gordon van Zuiden, a noted author, innovator, speaker, and trainer in the home networking industry. For over 10 years he has written a quarterly column on connected home solutions for Residential Systems Magazine, our industry’s national magazine. His technology experience includes co-founding Edge Information Systems in 1985, recognized as one of the fastest growing network integration companies in Silicon Valley. In 2002 he helped author Cisco’s Home Network Integrator curriculum a standardized, industry-wide training program for installing and maintaining home networking products and services and from 2007 to 2013 he served on CEDIA’s national board – an organization that supports the educational needs of custom home electronics integrators worldwide.

cyberManor’s experienced staff includes professionally certified employees with extensive experience in low voltage design, installation, configuration, and programming.  Our team provides full service home technology solutions from initial design to installation, final training and ongoing service and maintenance.  Clients that began with cyberManor 15 years ago are still our clients today – engaging with our professional staff to provide updated digital technology solutions to keep their homes up to date with today’s latest digital home solutions.

cyberManor has been a proud member of our national trade associations, CEDIA and CEA, for over a decade. This 2 minute video shows the benefits of hiring a CEDIA Certified Home Technology professional for your new or remodeled home.

Meet your cyberManor senior team:

Gordon van Zuiden

Founder, cyberManor, Inc.
Gordon van Zuiden, Founder of cyberManor, Inc. in 1999. His thought provoking white paper on “Total Home Control: A Multi-Application Approach” was the most popular white paper on TiVo’s website from 2012-2015. Gordon van Zuiden served for 6 years on the CEDIA board, a national association dedicated to serving the needs of custom electronics installers around the world. Gordon can be reached by email at gordon@cybermanor.com.

Pat Hagerman

Pat joined cyberManor in 2014. He has founded/co-founded three companies in the digital marketing, publishing and home automation industries, and has professional experience in commercial controls, home automation, financial management, operations, sales and marketing. Pat can be reached at phagerman@cybermanor.com.

Jim Kohl

Director of Operations
Jim Kohl joined cyberManor in 2003 and is the lead project manager on all of cyberManor's largest custom integration projects. He was the lead project manager on our Microsoft Ultimate Installation project and our award winning LEED Platinum home project. He also led a 20 unit townhome project built by Barry Swenson for the Mountain View Co-Housing Community. Jim can be reached at jkohl@cybermanor.com

Rick Kalm

Lighting Control and Programming Expert
Rick has been programming Lutron lighting control, Control4, Microsoft and Apple solutions for cyberManor since 2004. He is the lead programmer on most of cyberManor's projects. Many of his programming efforts integrate the control of the home's lighting, AV, security, and whole house audio systems on Apple or Android based mobile control platforms. Rick can be reached at rkalm@cybermanor.com.

Chris Rosiak

Senior Installer
Chris Rosiak joined cyberManor in 2006. Chris was instrumental in the installation of the wiring and electronic infrastructure of the Microsoft Ultimate Install and LEED Platinum Home of the Year projects. He can be reached at chris.rosiak@cybermanor.com.

Tamara Nichols

Office Manager
Tamara joined cyberManor in 2006 and coordinates the on-site activities of the cyberManor team. She schedules the labor and material resources to complete all of cyberManor's projects and leads our customer service efforts. Tamara can be reached at tnichols@cybermanor.com.

Ed Lalosh

Senior Installer
Ed joined cyberManor in 2009. He has earned a B General Building Contractors license. Ed's overall general contracting expertise is a great fit for all the trades that we encounter on a new home construction site. His framing expertise allows us to complete customized on-site AV installation work such as ceiling or floor based TV lifts. Ed can be reached at elalosh@cybermanor.com.

Aron Rachlin

Network Engineer
Aron has been with cyberManor since 2013. Aron's primary responsibility is to design, specify, install, configure, and support the wired and wireless network infrastructures that we deploy in our client's homes. Aron specializes in the support of the Windows and Mac clients, routers, switches, wireless local area networks, virtual private networks, and network security solutions. Aron can be reached at arachlin@cybermanor.com