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Welcome to the cyberManor Smart Home Retrofit Experience Center

Step inside this beautifully restored 1926 one room schoolhouse in Los Gatos, California and you will experience the latest in 21st century home comforts. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath Victorian home showcases the latest home technology solutions that enhance the entertainment, comfort, and security of today’s modern family – solutions all controlled by your smart phone, tablet or watch.

When our guests ring the Mobotix front doorbell or the home’s entry gate we can be anywhere inside or outside the home and hear the bell ring on our smart phones, see and talk to our guest at the front door or gate – and even let them in using only a smart phone or tablet.

When our visitors step inside the home they will be entertained by a 9 zone Sonos music system – a system that allows music content to be selected from any smart phone for every room in the home. On the back deck our guests enjoy music from a Sonance surround sound audio system that immerses our guests in the music of their choice – from their own musical collection or from services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Walk around the home and enjoy the latest in ultra high definition TV entertainment solutions with high definition content from TiVo cable boxes and Apple TV. And when a TV show or movie is not being played on these TVs their high definition screens are used to display spectacular slide shows from the world’s greatest artists and photographers. This content is streamed to each TV via HDMI sticks from Roku, Amazon FireStick, and Google ChromeCast.

When the Experience Center home gets too cool or too warm the NEST thermostat knows exactly what temperature we like and when to turn on and off.  When the landscape plants or lawn needs watering the Rachio IRO smart irrigation controller waters only when it is not raining or no rain is in the forecast.  At night, when we leave the Experience Center we press one button on the Lutron lighting control keypad system or on our smart phone to turn the interior lights off and the front and rear landscape lights on. We leave knowing that if someone is trespassing on our property the Luma high definition cameras around the home’s perimeter will record the intruder’s appearance and movements with our well lit landscaping.

These and many more home technology experiences are integrated into the architecture of this newly renovated home that combines the best of 21st century living in a historic home built at the beginning of the last century.

The cyberManor Smart Home Retrofit Experience Center is available for tours on an appointment basis.   If you have a group or an individual interested in a private tour of our Experience Center, please contact cyberManor at 408-399-3331 or complete the Contact Us form by clicking on the Tours by Appointment sign below.

Why We Built It

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The goal of the cyberManor Smart Home Retrofit Experience Center is to showcase the best of entertainment, lighting control, security, and comfort systems that enhance how we live, play, and work in our home – installed in existing homes. These systems can be controlled inside or outside the home with the smart phones, tablets, or smart watches we carry with us every day. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night your intelligent home is ready to respond. With a touch, your mobile device will deliver any music or television on demand. View your security cameras, set your home temperature or turn on your lights all from any smart phone or tablet inside or outside the home.

It’s as important for today’s home to be always connected to the internet as it was hundred years ago for homes to be connected to electricity. Just as electricity is now assumed to be in every room in the home – internet access is now expected to be equally pervasive throughout the home – from both wired data ports and from wireless access points. And all of the home electronic devices connected to the internet are expected to connect and communicate with each other so you can easily print from your smart tablet, adjust the water schedule of your sprinkler system, open the front door or gate – all from the smart phone in your pocket.

The 21st century heralds the explosion of the Internet of Things, where a home’s lights, music, TVs, thermostats, security systems, cameras, front door locks, sprinkler systems, are all connected to each other and controlled by smart mobile devices inside and outside the home. This Smart Home Retrofit Experience Center was built for you to see, touch, hear and feel how these systems can improve and enhance your family’s life at home.  At cyberManor we connect homes to family lifestyles every day.

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