Home Theater Experience Room

Welcome to the cyberManor Dedicated Home Theater Experience Room

Welcome to cyberManor’s new dedicated home theater showroom. This year we transformed our conference room into a dedicated home theater with soundproofing on the walls and a 9.4 or 5.4.4 channel ATMOS surround sound system where all the speakers are hidden. In this dedicated home theater you will find the following customized theater features:

* Black out window shade treatments around the perimeter of the room that can be closed with one button on a remote controller.
* Motorized 150” projection screen that drops down from custom built-in ceiling molding
* Top of the line 4K projector displays TV and movie content from Apple TV and Roku, featuring 4K content from Google YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Movies, Apple TV+, and Disney+
* Dedicated home theater leather seating with cup holders that fully recline at the touch of a button
* Control4 universal remote controller where only one touch remote control enables movie or TV viewing while closing the shades, dropping down the projection screen, turning on the projector and sourcing viewing content from Apple TV or Roku

When you contract with cyberManor to build your new home theater you can use your theater for any or all of the following activities:

* All the latest sports, movies, and TV on an ultra large high definition screen enhanced by immersive omni-directional sound
* A quiet, sound proofed Zoom room for your business teleconference meetings
* A place to install your exercise bike or treadmill and exercise in front of immersive “iMax like”, geographic scenes from around the world on your large new home theater screen
* A meditation room enhanced by surround sound and high resolution nature videos
* An augmented reality experience center, live in a home on Mars!

Let cyberManor show you how you can transform your home’s extra bedroom into a dedicated, sound proof home theater experience. Our cyberManor Home Theater Experience Room is available for tours on an appointment basis.   If you have a group or an individual interested in a private tour of our dedicated Home Theater please contact cyberManor at 408-399-3331 or complete the Contact Us form by clicking on the Tours by Appointment sign below.

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