Smart Home Experience Center


Our new Award Winning showroom home is designed to give local Silicon Valley homeowners, builders, architects, and designers the opportunity to experience a Control4 Smart Home in a real home environment. This Control4 Certified Showroom home demonstrates the wide range of possibilities in a smart home system, from a one-room entertainment solution that controls everything in the family room to a whole house Control4 system that includes lighting, temperature control, multi-room audio, shade control and much more. cyberManor’s new showroom home is a powerful way of educating consumers through personalized and engaging home automation experiences.

The home was built so that a visitor can not only see the design and beauty of these integrated home technologies working seamlessly together but also understand what is required to make all these solutions work by “looking under the hood”. Tours of the home include the mechanical room where the home’s centralized lighting panel, networking wiring and hardware, solar battery/inverter, and master bathroom shower controls are located. Inside the family room an AV rack can be pulled out and rotated to show how all the home’s AV gear is custom installed and connected.

The New Home Technology Center investment is the centerpiece and culmination of cyberManor’s 20+ years of expertise designing and installing home technology solutions for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was designed to be educational for our clients, builder partners, and vendors and serves as a working lab to prove and test the integration of the best of breed manufacturers that we recommend and install in our clients’ homes every day.

cyberManor clients and partners can now enjoy an online 3D, interactive virtual walking tour of our Control4 Certified Smart Home Experience Center. This Smart Home 3D Tour lets you walk through each room of the home and features call out buttons (such as the Ecobee information button shown in the photo above) that highlight the specific home technology improvements that we have made throughout the property.


See how each of the following smart home technology upgrades work in this new cyberManor Experience Center enhance the entertainment, comfort, and security of this home.

  • Whole House Music, TV, Lighting and Shade Systems
  • Touchscreen and Voice Control
  • Intelligent, Connected Kitchen Appliances
  • Perimeter Camera and Intelligent Front Door Stations
  • Intelligent Shower and Bath Systems
  • Smart Skylight and Fan Solutions
  • Solar and Electrical Monitoring Solutions

Let cyberManor show you how you can build or remodel the home of your dreams with the latest home technology solutions. Our Smart Home Experience Center is available for tours on an appointment basis.   If you have a group or an individual interested in a private tour of our Experience Center please contact cyberManor at 408-399-3331, complete the Contact Us form or sign up for our Smart Home Experience Center Tour on AirB&B.

cyberManor New Home Technology Center from Gordon van Zuiden on Vimeo.