Energy Production, Storage, Monitoring & Management

GreenHouse-Partner-LogoGreenLeaf-Partner-LogoAt our cyberManor office the Control4, TiGo, sonnen and Pantech Energy electrical monitoring apps clearly show cyberManor’s annual, monthly, and daily solar energy production, storage and electrical consumption. These apps also give us a live view of the solar production, battery storage, and consumption of electrical energy from solar, battery, or grid resources for our cyberManor New Home Technology Center (NHTC). The 3.2 KW photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our back garage generate most of the energy needed for the audio video and control systems in our NHTC.

cyberManor also offers our Control4 clients a complete Integrated Energy and Water Management Solution. The objectives of this integrated energy and water management solution is to offer a suite of networked, intelligent home subsystems that can be programmed and controlled by Control4 to accomplish the following energy and water saving goals:

* Minimize the need for air conditioning, thus optimizing the use of battery storage by intelligently controlling skylights, fans, and window treatments in the home
* Maximize the economic value of the battery by first utilizing solar energy and followed by inexpensive off peak rate battery storage.
* Utilize home and away mode knowledge to turn on and off lights, circuit breakers or “always on” appliances that are not being used. Minimize water usage with weather and monitoring intelligence.

In the following brochure you can read about the ecosystem of energy and water management partners that we showcase in our Control4 Certified Showroom.