Surveillance & Access Control

Mobotix-Partner-LogoExamples of Surveillance SystemsHigh resolution cameras and recording systems are now installed in almost every new home and frequently added to existing homes. With advanced recording software you can record motion relevant to only what you want to see.  Today’s high resolution cameras capture detailed information from a very large field of view – up to 180 degrees.

At cyberManor we showcase these Mobotix high resolution cameras at the front and back of our office building.   We also have them at the front door station and our gate so we can see who is at the front door or gate from our smart phone or tablet, talk to the guest, and even trigger the gate so that it can open – all from the smart phone or tablet in our office.

If you are interested in seeing the quality of these camera images and how they can be easily viewed and controlled, please contact the cyberManor sales team and we can give you a tour of how our cameras meet the surveillance and access control needs of our Smart Home Experience Center.

The image to the right is an example of our Mobotix gate based control solution with the entry keypad and home address.   Directly below this image is a screen shot of the 180 degree fish eye Mobotix camera image split into 4 distinct images of our cyberManor backyard.   Remarkably only one camera is needed to capture this wide field of view. You can watch this short video on how cyberManor uses this High Definition Mobotix Camera to provide wide range viewing and recording security for our premises.