Lighting & Shade Control

Lighting Control Vertical

Avoid using a complex bank of light switches by installing an intelligent Lutron lighting control system that can replace banks of individual light switches with one intelligent keypad.

With an intelligent lighting and shade control system from Lutron you can now easily set up entertainment, welcome, or away lighting scenes for your home. As you drive up to your home your landscape and entry way lights can turn on for easier and safer access into your home. When you entertain a single button press on your smart phone or tablet can turn on all the lights in your family and living room areas to a preset dimming level customized to your preferred lighting settings. And when you go to sleep at night one button can turn off all the lights of in your home or close your shades. When you travel your lights and shades can be programmed to turn on or off, go up or down, all according to a time schedule that give the appearance that someone is at home. Please watch this video to view how we control the Lutron Motorized Shades at cyberManor.

In new homes we can install Lutron lighting systems that eliminate the wall clutter of several independent light switches and replace them with one simple keypad. In existing homes we can replace dumb existing switches with intelligent Lutron switches that can be controlled from any smart phone or tablet inside the home or outside the home when you are traveling.

At the cyberManor Smart Home Experience Center we have installed a whole house Lutron RadioRA2 lighting system for all of the lighting loads. With one button we create an entertainment scene for our landscaping lights and water fountain. At night when we leave the office the front landscaping lights turn on automatically each evening and the motorized shades draw down.

To see and understand the full benefits of a lighting control system for your new or existing home please contact the sales team at cyberManor – we would be happy to show you around our Smart Home Experience Center so you can see firsthand the benefits of implementing a whole house lighting and shade control system for your home.