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CISCO SmartHome Video

cyberManor was founded in 1999 by Gordon van Zuiden to satisfy the need to share a broadband internet connection for himself and his young family. At that time a transition began to occur whereby dial up, single user modem access to the internet was being replaced by a broadband connection that could be shared by multiple users in the home at one time. Gordon leveraged his network knowledge from his previous startup, Edge Information Systems, to create a high speed local area network in his home to connect his office computers, printers, laptops, and even the family room TV set to enhance the way his family lived, worked, played, and learned. Cisco became aware of the internet enabled home that cyberManor built and brought Daphne Brogden and their film crews out to showcase the benefits of distributing high speed internet access throughout the home. Over two decades before the term Smart Home was commonly understood, Gordon showed the world his own smart home in this prescient video. (Historical video, circa 1999)

HP SmartHome

In 2007 cyberManor designed, engineered, and installed each of the systems shown in this HP SmartHome video which was used to educate thousands of HP’s partners and clients on the benefits of smart home technologies in the home.

CNET Videos

The staff at CNET wanted to showcase the best of an internet connected lifestyle in both a main home and a vacation home. In this fast paced video, Jessica Corbin, takes you through the benefits of living in a smart home designed and engineered by cyberManor.