Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever we meet with new potential clients we are commonly asked these questions. Reviewing our responses will help you understand if cyberManor’s design approach to whole house technology integration fits your family’s short and long term home technology needs.

If app based solutions are so easy to use why can’t I just buy these products and install these systems myself? Why do I need cyberManor as my custom integrator?

The answer to this question really depends on the product(s) you want to install. For the core home technology systems that serve your entire house you will usually need a custom home electronics integrator. Whole house lighting control with nearly unlimited lighting fixture support, motorized window shades with an extensive variety of window treatments and fabrics, distributed audio/video with built in high resolution TVs and high fidelity speakers, and high definition indoor and outdoor camera security systems all require professional expertise and planning. All of these systems require extensive whole house prewiring for the reliable distribution of audio, video, and control signals throughout the home from a Centralized Telecom Rack. They also require a robust wired and wireless networking infrastructure to ensure that all of these systems communicate and integrate well with each other and are easily controlled by keypads and mobile devices inside and outside of the home.

If you want to install a single purpose, wireless product such as the iGrill Mini for checking the temperature of your BBQ meat or the Parrot Flower Power for monitoring the water level of your indoor plants – you can probably do this installation yourself. Many of these types of products are available in the Apple Store. These single purpose products represent another benefit of implementing a multiple application strategy for your home – it is relatively easy to add and control these new smart home products from the same mobile phones and tablets that are controlling the subsystems that were professionally installed and integrated into your home.

Why do you call the products on this site “best of breed” products?

These company’s products possess at least four of the following key attributes:

  • Extremely high product reliability
  • Extensive R&D efforts to maintain a market leadership position
  • Competent, reliable, and responsive technical support team
  • An ongoing commitment to improve and enhance graphical applications that run on all Apple and Android mobile platforms
  • The company’s product platform has become an ecosystem for third party products that enhance their product line
  • A unique new offering of entertainment or home control from an iOS, WatchOS, tvOS or Android OS product

Why are you proponents of the Apple iOS apps over the Google Android apps?

Many of the home technology solutions that we design and install can also be implemented on Android based platforms – but Apple’s leadership and significant mobile platform market share have influenced most AV and home control companies to write their applications for the iOS platform before they embrace the Android platform. In addition, Apple owners upgrade their iOS mobile operating systems more frequently than Android owners, thereby considerably enhancing their SmartHome app experiences over time.

I am building my new home – what home technology products and services can you provide for me?

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home you can review all of our services here. Our cyberManor team looks forward to working with you and your builder team.

Where can I see and experience these Smart Home products?

All of the products shown in the Experience Center Solution Tab on this website can be seen and experienced at our Control4 cyberManor Smart Home Experience Center in Los Gatos.  Click here to make an appointment to view these solutions.