New Technology Center Showroom Home: Perspective From Our Interior Designer

Beauty and Technology Seemlessly Blended

June 22, 2020
In the Spring 2020 issue of Technology Designer Magazine Gordon van Zuiden writes a featured column about many of the smart home technology solutions that are showcased in cyberManor’s New Home Technology Center. Once you step inside this contemporary loft 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath detached townhome you’ll immediately know that you are in a unique Silicon Valley home. Simply say the words, “Okay Josh, I’m home” or “Alexa, I’m home” and you’ll be greeted with the warm glow of LED lighting, shades that rise to reveal a living wall backyard, skylights that open up to a giant oak tree canopy, a backyard fountain starts, and soft music that complements the natural vistas. The vaulted, wooden entry way ceiling gives this downtown Los Gatos retreat a wonderfully spacious feel. Attached to this two story high ceiling is a beautifully wood crafted smart Haiku ceiling fan that can easily be turned on and off by voice or the Control4 graphic touchscreen next to the entry way door. This intuitive 10″ touch screen gives you full control of all the smart home systems – including the security, centralized lighting, whole house audio, thermostat, garage door, motorized shades, bathroom floor heating, irrigation, and even the kitchen expresso machine!

Homes Could Have Different Features post COVID-19

Tumblr-Featured-ImageJune 7, 2020
In this San Jose Mercury News story syndicated columnist Marni Jameson talks about the different features that will be important to home owners and home buyers post COVID-19. Many of these features are showcased in cyberManor’s New Home Technology Center.


Apps Control it All in cyberManor Smart HomeSan-Jose-Los-Gatos-Newspaper-LogosJanuary 23, 2015
The San Jose Mercury News and the Los Gatos Weekly ran columns on cyberManor’s Smart Home Experience Center and the benefits of using cyberManor to design and integrate smart home technologies.


av-rackNovember 10, 2014
In this column Gordon van Zuiden reviews the Analogue to Digital Transition of AV Hardware and its effect on custom AV architecture design.