LEED Platinum Home of the Year

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Highest Rated LEED Platinum Home in America

When Paul Holland and Linda Yates approached cyberManor to provide the home technology for their new home that they hoped would gain the highest LEED rating in the United States (which it did accomplish), our engineers focused not only on providing the best of breed lighting, entertainment, and comfort solutions – but how all of these solutions could be enjoyed while consuming the least amount of electrical power.  (LEED is a recognized nationwide rating system that sets goals in the areas of sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.)

Power usage schedules were set to optimize the timing and use of whole house audio amplifiers, parasitic power consumption was minimized or eliminated wherever possible, and intelligent window covering systems were deployed to maximize solar heat gain in the winter and minimize heat gain in the summer.  Even the irrigation system was upgraded to an intelligent system that used weather, rain, and soil conditions to optimize water schedules for their extensive native landscaping.

The net result was a very satisfied LEED Platinum homeowner and recognition for cyberManor as Electronic House’s Home of the Month in their December 2012 issue. For more information on this project please visit the following websites: