HP Digital Home Showcase

Hewlett Packard is a leader in computer products for the home, especially in the home office. They are one of the market leaders in computers, switches, digital storage drives, printers, scanners, and fax machines for the home. In the mid 2000s Hewlett Packard wanted to build a demonstration home on their Cupertino campus for their clients and partners to showcase the best of their product lines in a realistic home setting. They asked cyberManor to provide the design, engineering, and installation solutions to add a robust wired and wireless network for this digital home. They also wanted:

* intelligent lighting and shade control solution throughout the home

* an immersive whole house audio entertainment experience

* security cameras at the front and back of the home

* multi-media entertainment centers in the family room and master bedroom

cyberManor designed, engineered, and installed each of these systems in the HP SmartHome which was used for over four years to educate thousands of HP’s partners and clients on the benefits of smart home technologies in the home.  A picture of the home is shown below and the brochure that was used to advertise and promote the HP SmartHome. A video of the HP SmartHome hosted by HP’s Amir Kareem can be viewed here.

SmartHome Exterior

HP SmartHome